We are architects, plain and simple. we are founded on the principle of putting clients and their architecture first. our focus is to put people in vacant buildings and buildings on vacant lots as part of our mission to rehabilitate our urban environment.



Taking a project from concept to completion is a source of great pride for us. We are thrilled to see our Clients occupy a new space that we have worked together to create. We understand that this is a big endeavor for our Owners and Clients, and we enjoy collaborating with them to create the best project possible. Regardless of  project type, we work hard to guide our Clients through the experience of creating great architecture together.


We understand that a successful project takes focused planning efforts. Whether macro-scale planning of a new subdivision or micro-scale infill development in a center-city neighborhood, we excel at quickly conceptualizing a project at the start and seeing it to the finish. We love designing the spaces around a building as much as designing the buildings themselves. Our broad experience with multiple building types is invaluable when Clients have multiple uses for a single site.

interior design

Often, we are asked to collaborate with local entrepreneurs on the interior design of a new commercial space on the ground floor in our projects. We are happy to help them envision the feel of their new space and enjoy seeing a Client's eyes light up when presenting interior design concepts for their new start-up business. We are also partner with local interior design talent when we need some extra horsepower to help bring our Client's vision to fruition.



We are passionate about what we do! We love drawing buildings, improving the built environment, and problem solving. when we get excited about a project, its shows, and our energy becomes palpable. We've established this practice because we enjoy the relationships we create with our Clients, and we are always looking to build new ones.


Collaboration, integrity, and trust are the ethics by which we conduct our practice, and there is no greater satisfaction for us than serving our Clients. We share their pride as their vision and our talent and skills create something special. It's rewarding to work with people you like, and we pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable, and genuine.


We wouldn't do this if we weren't having fun. When you love buildings as much as we do, you're going to succeed, and you're going to enjoy it. And while we love what we do, we are strong believers in a good work-life balance. We have made it a habit to take the fun outside our office walls to support local businesses within our flourishing neighborhood.