Affordable Housing

We believe that having an affordable home is essential for people to thrive. And when people thrive, so do communities.

We love building community, and for that, communities need housing.

Affordable Housing is a constant need in our region that disproportionately impacts lower economic households. New Republic knows that sustainable communities are mixed-income communities, and providing dignified, design-forward Affordable Housing is key to a neighborhood’s success and residential appeal.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of creative housing strategies and solutions.

New Republic specializes in Affordable Housing with quality design that is contextually appropriate and efficient, while meeting our Clients’ design, development, and budgetary needs. Our staff is cross-trained on multiple types of housing and can bring ideas and innovations from market-rate developments to our Affordable Housing projects.

We know that funding for Affordable Housing projects can be complex.

Affordable Housing developments are known for budgetary constraints and the funding process can be challenging and intense. Our intimate knowledge of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit criteria (LIHTC) helps us make design decisions easier for our Clients. We anticipate project needs and provide quality wholistic design, so our Clients can focus on the application process.

The New Republic team has two decades of experience with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) process at a national level.

We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve on the evolving LIHTC process in Ohio and nationwide. We make it our business to understand the requirements and the processes, as well as the reasoning behind them. New Republic has been the design architect for eight projects that have received Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) LIHTC awards over the last three years. We have built a working relationship with OHFA architects, know the OHFA design standards inside and out, and actively adapt to changes in the process.