Our Expertise

We are experts in residential design.

We love great architecture and what great architecture does for communities.

Whether Historic Rehabilitation or Affordable Housing, multi family, single family or mixed-use residential and commercial architecture, we create quality, creative solutions grounded in solid design fundamentals. Our projects start with a foundation of simple, well-conceived design that elevates the built environment, functions for communities and makes sense for our Clients’ needs.


We focus on four key areas of residential design:


New Republic Architecture is a LEED Certified architecture firm.

Between 70% to 75% of our projects seek LEED certification. Of those, 100% of our projects obtain that certification. 

Our Historic Rehabilitation practice, which constitutes a large portion of our portfolio, is inherently sustainable. By rehabilitating historic structures, we recycle buildings and save those materials from the landfill. Preservation of our historic structures also circumvents the loss of “embodied energy” when buildings are torn down.

With nearly three decades of experience in Historic Tax Credit funded architecture, New Republic has established a track record as the go-to firm for Historic Rehabilitation, adaptive re-use and mixed-use projects.

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We love building community, and for that, communities need housing.

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New Republic has a strong sense of urban and community responsibility.

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New Republic is fortunate to collaborate with some of the region’s premier residential developers and home builders.

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Good architecture is “full scope.” When interior finishes reflect and compliment the exterior design, the project becomes an integrated whole.

We believe how people experience the interior of a building is critical to a successful project. Interior spaces need to support a community’s day-to-day needs and comfort. Fixtures and finishes are the creative touches that accomplish this while making a building’s exterior and interior cohere.


From breweries and cafes to jazz lounges and office spaces, New Republic can help bring a client’s or a tenant’s vision to life.

New Republic regularly collaborates with local entrepreneurs on the interior design of new ground floor commercial spaces on our projects. We love seeing our clients’ enthusiasm when we present innovative interior design concepts for their new business.


New Republic can accommodate varying degrees of interior design scope depending on client need and budget.

We can perform interior design services in-house, and we partner with local interior design talent on projects larger in scope. Whether the project is commercial or residential, market-rate, single-family or Affordable Housing, we help Clients and business owners envision the feel and function of their new spaces and guide the selection process.

New Republic understands developers and their objectives when planning an entire site.

We know that a successful project takes focused planning efforts. Buildings are not stand-alone entities. They must integrate into the urban or suburban landscape and function for the Client and the end users. We get excited about large scale planning opportunities that align with our mission to put people in vacant buildings and buildings on vacant lots.


New Republic excels at quickly conceptualizing a project, understanding the surrounding context, and solving for site-specific challenges.

Whether macro-scale planning of a new subdivision or micro-scale infill development in the urban core, we consider space constraints, parking, connectivity, density, and demographics for all manner of sites and conditions. We love designing the spaces around a building as much as designing the buildings themselves. New Republic’s broad experience with multiple building types and our expertise in multiple types of residential code are invaluable when Clients have varied uses for a single site


New Republic starts with what is feasible, then helps Clients understand what is possible.

We begin by assessing what is reasonable given site constraints. Then we actively look for opportunities, even on the most challenging sites. We look at the connections between all the pieces of a development program and their varied uses, prioritize the relationships between the program pieces, and then arrange them on the site. We will graphically illustrate the program so a Client can see the “graphic math” and how that can drive the financial model of the project.


Connecting our Clients to opportunities and the right development partnerships so their projects succeed, matters to us.

We love to bring our ideas to our Clients. We know cooperation and collaboration from multiple parties make a macro-scale project a success. We get the right people in the room: we identify the right development partners for our Clients and create opportunities for new relationships, not just partnerships, that propel a project forward.