At New Republic, we build on the historic legacy of mixed-use architecture, the original model of sustainable development.

New Republic has a strong sense of urban and community responsibility.

We love the challenge of elevating a community’s social and economic viability and live/work appeal, or helping to evolve and mature suburban development patterns and land use.

New Republic designs holistically.

We start with the pragmatic, functional and economic parameters of a project and then we get creative. Solid mixed-use design balances multiple types of end user needs and creates synergy between street level, retail edge, residential needs, parking, business needs and space requirements.

Historically, most urban centers were mixed-use.

New Republic designs to re-establish that legacy of efficient land use while adding a nuanced understanding of how varied uses fit together for modern living. Whether vertical, horizontal or hybrid, successful mixed-use design seamlessly interweaves commercial and residential user experiences.

New Republic finds the balance between commercial and residential experiences.

We do this by studying market dynamics and innovating economic strategies for development. We work with Clients and other project influencers to appropriately program a site to avoid oversaturation or missed opportunities.

New Republic can bring our urban sensibility to the suburbs.

We create strategic and marketable neighborhoods in geographic areas (especially outside the urban core) where horizontal mixed-use is a more feasible approach to community development. Horizontal development combines multiple types of residential housing in proximity to a retail/entertainment center and creates livable, walkable, self-contained communities with an urban feel.