Pendleton Parlor

A second brick-and-mortar location for a neighborhood ice cream parlor.

New Republic created a budget-conscious design for this interior fit-out of an historic storefront. This project established the small business owner’s second brick-and-mortar location for a family-friendly ice cream parlor. The location’s proximity to the public park and pool attracts both Pendleton locals and non-Pendleton residents for a year-round treat!


Pendleton, Cincinnati OH


Completed 2018


Model Group/ Pendleton Parlor

Retail SF


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The design team solved for changes in floor elevation which presented challenges to complying with building code, and created a playful, colorful atmosphere through memorabilia and life-size figures. These fun pops of color contrasted with the simple, neutral backdrop and finishes in the space.

Photo Credit

Chris Von Holle

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