Trevarren Flats

An award-winning anchor project in a rising neighborhood.

Trevarren Flats is the cornerstone project in the revitalization of the Peebles Corner Historic District of Walnut Hills (defined by the intersection of Gilbert Avenue and East McMillan Street), and establishes Peebles Corner as a viable, livable neighborhood worthy of future investment. It pre-dates the establishment of Five Points Alley as a neighborhood destination and is a multi-family, mixed-use, Historic Rehabilitation project utilizing Historic Preservation Tax Credits.


Walnut Hills, Cincinnati OH


Completed 2016


Model Group


$4.7 Million

Size (APT #, ETC)

30 Units
Total SF: 48,700

Project Tags

Historic Tax Credit, Mixed-Use


Cincinnati Preservation Award – 2016

New Republic leveraged its expertise in Historic Preservation Tax Credit (HPTC) funded, adaptive re-use, mixed-use projects. New Republic saw an opportunity to reduce construction costs when the initial conceptual design proved to be $1 million over budget. Our team reduced the overall square footage of rehabilitation by introducing smaller units, while maintaining the overall unit count and not endangering the acquired tax credits.

This project featured the first “micro units” in the city of Cincinnati. These units were the first in the project to lease.


Cincinnati Preservation Award – 2016

Consultant Team

New Republic Architecture, Design Architect & Architect of Record

Photo Credit

Chris Von Holle

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