Victory Townhomes

An intimate collection of new townhouses on a small urban lot.

New Republic designed four townhomes to occupy a previously vacant urban lot adjacent to a local historic district. The traditional design of the units needed to fit the context of the neighborhood while adding contemporary elements to tie to more modern buildings in the area.


Walnut Hills, Cincinnati OH


Completed 2019


Vision Realty

Size (APT #, ETC)

4 Town Homes

Total SF: 11,200

The design team created a cohesive exterior aesthetic between the buildings which are not identical. Distinct materials and window and door configurations with slight variations give each unit a distinct look without compromising the overall coherence of the units.

The steep grade of the site required a substantial retaining wall and careful planning to create attached lower-level garages and front and rear entry points for the townhomes. 

Photo Credit

Chris Von Holle

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