527 E 13th St

Transformation of a 19th century tenement building into apartments for modern living.

This 19th century tenement building retained much of its original architectural fabric on the interior and exterior. New Republic’s design involved touching the building as minimally as possible to obtain state and federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits (HRTC) and to contain costs. The design team preserved, respected, and refinished existing features and managed the building’s existing conditions without incurring cost-prohibitive code upgrades. Seven apartments suitable for modern living and a ground floor commercial space ideal for a business startup, completed this boutique project.


Over-the-Rhine (OTR), Cincinnati OH


Completed 2014

Retail SF


Size (APT #, ETC)

7 Units

Total SF: 5,000

Project Tags

Historic Tax Credit, Mixed-Use, Retail

Photo Credit

Chris Von Holle

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